Chiang Mai Center of North Thailand  ,Chiang Mai is a city older than 700 years, is the administrative center of the province in the upper north. There are several species of multilingual, multicultural city of Chiang Mai as a tourist center. Temperate fruits such as longan, lychee, delicious food, such as chili, chili immaculately Capps young fish taco pork, vegetables and flowers in winter. People are kind and generous. A culture that is famous Songkran or New Year. Loy Krathong Festival Yi Peng release unfounded. The Ping River is the main river of the city, Doi Inthanon and Doi Suthep Phuping Palace, a famous tourist attraction.

Interesting of  Chiang Mai

1.Doi Suthep

Sanctuary is a very important city. Enshrined Doi Suthep 1000 meters above sea level, located on the west side of the city. Away from the old town, about 10 km from the city clearly visible. The Chiang Mai The relics have been enshrined at the King Kue Na, the sixth king of the Lanna Kingdom. Mang Dynasty He kept sacred to him, the 13-year-old was placed here, people have come to pay homage to the prosperity.
2.Doi Inthanon
Thailand’s highest mountain is 2565 meters to the end of Highway 1009, with the cold weather throughout the year. Air Force radar station was built and is enshrined Thailand Stupa The drug Twich joy. The last ruler of Chiang Mai Doi Inthanon is a part of the Himalayas. Across from Bhutan, Myanmar and Nepal came to an end here. The surrounding area is rich in natural perfection. It is evergreen, pine forest, as well as cold weather throughout the year. I believe that those who come here will be impressed until I return.
3.Bhubing Palace
The palace of the King’s royal residence varied. And Her Majesty The Queen It was built in 2505 and situated on a hill five. Can tour the palace and the surrounding area, which plots rose garden, ferns and tropical trees have. Phu Ping Palace and Palace. It is a tree house in the region known as the “prison massacre” Thailand’s traditional architectural style with an elevated roof brick Thailand. The beauty is very much Suitable to leisure Along with the photo pretty impressive. Coupled with the palace and the surrounding atmosphere.
4.Doi Luang Chiangdao
Chiang Dao is Beauty on a high mountain. Delicate white petals with pink. Wind wheel at the top of the limestone.Towering to 2,100 meters above sea level, is a native of the Himalayas.Who would believe that she grew distant bloom and show off on the mountain.With a height of 2,100 meters above sea level. And his height is 3. Mountain in Thailand. Doi Chiang Dao is a towering cliff challenging spirit. Generations of adventurers to brave to touch, even just once in a lifetime. Winter may be found in the beautiful early morning mist. Real picture and wakefulness.Sundown Mountain for his three triangles in the evening. Of Chiang Mai Province.Also great as a single of the highest limestone mountain in Thailand. Cold.Thus causing the plant kingdom semi alpine wonderful tourist source nearby. Doi Ang Khang, Chiang Dao Caves things to do. Mae Taman Rafting. Or elephant at Mae Taman Elephant Camp.
5.Chiang Mai Zoo & Aquarium
Chiang Mai Zoo have a number 1 zoo inthailand and Big area in southeastasia
(We have Panda bare from China)
The Sioux City Aquarium (The Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium) places, one of the highlights of Thailand. The international standard. This is one of the pride of the City. To attract tourists from around the world. The exciting and memorable experience. These animals are very close … In this aquarium. The Aquarium is an underwater tunnel, the width and the longest in Southeast Asia. The tunnel has a clear acrylic. Guests can go on an amazing underwater world of New York in 360-degree wide-angle interior is divided into seven zones with fresh water ecosystem and show animals unique. To the general public to learn about and to observe closely. The Aquarium has a collection of freshwater and saltwater species. Including exotic and rare animals from other place to be combined with inspiration from the Mekong River Basin. Compared with the huge marine park. And a variety of aquatic species. The main stream is fed to one of the six million people living in this region. The complexity of the ecosystem in the Mekong River. There are over 2,000 species of fish, which became a symbol. Biodiversity at the Museum of the underwater world, take in the model. Who came to visit me in the life of thousands. The rare animals from all over the world. To live together. Recognition and an administrator in the water park on the top of the hill – the kingdom of heaven on earth. In addition to the charming beauty of the surrounding scenery in Zurich, the Aquarium is also a center for study of aquatic species. Experimental Marine Biology and the Southeast Asia region. And other regions worldwide aquarium. Chiang Mai Zoo. Also aims to attract tourists from all over the world. I feel the gentle. And helpful to the city by themselves.
6.Sunkamphaeng Hot Spring & Paper Umbrella
San Kamphaeng district. Is a district in the metropolitan area of New York City’s rapid growth. Development of every district with many attractions. The building is well-known at home and doing craft paper umbrella. Pong Wai San Kamphaeng hot springs, rainforest along the path from the district to the city of San Kamphaeng district, is surrounded on two sides by large trees.
7. Wat Chedi Luang watjadiluang
Located in the heart of the city The Chedi Chiang Mai is a major, the highest of the Lanna Kingdom. Built in the reign of a king who had seven Mang Dynasty. (1913-1954 BC), later Lord Tilokkarat please give it a higher and wider than the original tower expansion. When completed in the year 2024 and brought the Emerald Buddha was enshrined. Originally named Wat Chedi Luang. “Karam temple” means monastery with bright glory. It also contained a child element. And the relics of the Lord Buddha addition, “Karam” has the meaning in other words, by the time the points contained in the lamp adorned worship Phra Chedi Luang. Appears bright light A pagoda-like candle flames are blazing. I have great splendor. Visible from afar
8.Wat Phra Singhwatphrasing
Temple Street three million Muang Phra Singh denounced the serpent king of the 5th Dynasty Meng ordered. The temple is built in the year.. In 1888, and 24 cubits high pagoda, one to serve as a full word containing the bones of the king. It also represents a major measure is one of Chiang Mai. Has been appointed as a national historic site for. Inside is a statue of a lion (Buddha Monk), the Buddha is a holy city and town over a long time. Chiang Saen Buddha is known. “Singh, one of Chiang Saen”
9.Royal Agricultural Station Inthanon
The project is due to the whim of the king. To promote alternative crops to opium. Transfer knowledge to the field of agriculture, the new plan will increase agricultural productivity to rise. Most of the area surrounding the village with a population of Thailand hill tribe Karen and Hmong. Another way to help people get a job to make money. Reduce forest encroachment and shifting cultivation. This is particularly useful Tourists can visit.
10.Nimmanheamin Road
Located Suthep Chiang Mai is a short length of road to the kilo. It is considered prime of doing business. The Chiang Mai This is a collection of modernization. If it is advantageous road Nimmanheamin it’s similar to Bangkok’s Sukhumvit Road itself is regarded as the most chic streets of Chiang Mai. There are many shops along the path we have walked Experience the beauty of decorating ideas, unique. Both goods and services Including restaurants Drink in the atmosphere One place that remains unique to the Lanna people and it was full.

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