Introduction of Thailand

       Thai Kingdom ,land of the free was know as “Siam” until May 11,1949 .The word Thai means “freedom” in Thai language and is also the name of the majority Thai ethnic group.It is the only Southeast Asian Country never to have been colonized by western power.Thailand is a constitutional monarchy and the king is extremely respected. The Thai king recently celebrated 60 years on the throne.
Thailand’s origin is traditionally tied to the short lived kingdom of Sukhothai founded in 1238, after which the larger kingdom of Ayutthaya was established in the mid 14 th centurySiam is the name, which the country was known all over the world until 1949.On 11 May,1949,an official proclamation changed the name of the country to “Prathet Thai” ,or “Thailand”
Geographical Thailand
Thailand located in The Southeast Asian on the gulf Thailand ,The Andaman Sea and covering an area of 513,115 and shares boundaries with Myanmar on the west and Northwest, Laos on the east and Northeast,Cambodia on the Southeast and Malaysia on the South.
Topographic Thailand
Thailand is divided into four natural regionsNorth is a mountainous region comprising natural forest. Central Thailand is the basin of the Chao Phraya river. It is the richest and most extensive rice producing area in the country and has often been called the “Rice Bowl of Asia” Northeast region is known as “Isan”. The Northeast is a hug region with over 20 millions inhabitants; the most of them are engaged in agriculture.Southern region is hilly to mountainous with thick forest and rich deposits of mineral and ores. This region is the centre for the production of rubber. The South’s wealth has been based for centuries on its rubber and industries.
Climate in Thailand
Thailand is warm and rather humid tropical country and with long hours of sunshine.There are three season. summer season from March to Mayrainy season from June to Octoberwinter season from November to Febuary
The Population of Thailand
approximately 64,233,001 million (2005). The population includes 75% Thai, 11% Chainese,3.5% Malays and also Mon,Khmer,Lao,Karen minorities,Vietnames,Indian and others.
The national religion is the professed faith of94.6 percent of the population.Theravada Buddhism is the state religion.Practically all-Thai males enter monkhood once in their lifetime to study the teachings of Lord Buddha.The rest of the population embraces Islam,Christianity,Hinduism and other.There is absolute religious freedom.
spoken by almost 100 percent of the Thai population is Thai.The Thai language has its own alphabet. It is tonal language.The other languages are Chinese and Malays .English is also well understood in most cities for visitors.
The standard currently
unit is the baht.can divided into on hundred units called satang.