Pearl of the Andaman, Phuket Multicultural There are many beautiful beaches and Eating a diet rich Chinese people as Phuket. Thailand has a large number of ethnic Chinese. Thailand is also the language of the other provinces in the south. Thailand in the middle, there was fighting in China. The tradition is very famous vegetarian festival in Phuket. The Muslim community is considerable. Moken village with new or Thailand. There is an old building, Stein B Sino-Portuguese. Which was influenced by Portugal.
1.Phuket Fantasea

Phuket Fantasea is a magical kingdom that embraces entertainment as major. Thailand is a tourist, cultural inheritance. The important part is Cultural performances Thailand combines world-class technology. “Kamala miracle” at the Palace Theatre Fair. With a capacity of up to 3,000 tourists seat “restaurant Golden Kinnaree” available in both Thailand and international buffet. The number of visitors to 4,000 seat capacity building events around the village are also fun. Shopping & Handicrafts Thailand Entertainment and many more to come watch the fantastic entertainment extravaganza this spectacular deal to say.
2.Patong Beach(Had Patong )

Patong Beach, a popular beach, another of the most famous of the island. And the top of Patong Beach with white sand. Ideal for swimming and marine activities in every year tourists both in Thailand and overseas leisure sunbathing and swimming in the sea as thousands during the tourist season from November to April. The surrounding area has shops, restaurants, amenities. The entertainment for many tourists. That’s no guarantee that this isolation. There are many activities Thailand and serves spicy and renowned for its delicacies such as Som Tum(Papaya salad)-Kai Yang(Chicken Grill), curry Massaman,  Coconut Soup ,Tom Yum Kung, Pad Thai, Chicken Curry Green Chili(Kang Keaw Waan Kai)
3.Lame Phromthep (View Point The last light before Sunset,Romance)

      Tourist Attractions The hit somebody on the outside to visit Phuket. The surrounding scenery is beautiful It is also a sunset point, one of the most beautiful country of Thailand has also been the site of a lighthouse Kan Rd. By the end of Laem Phrom Thep’s “The Cape” is a headland jutting out into the sea. Characterized by towering palm on the island is very beautiful. So those who want to watch the last rays of the day to come here.
Most of the couples Like atmosphere evening To view the sun goes down The front entrance to the gift shop. Way up a hill Must use caution when driving. The tip jutting into the sea if it does not have to climb down to take pictures. May be dangerous Taken from the top is better. The nearby Phrom Thep Cape Wind has been pretty much a photo shoot. Look below sea is dark blue with green. It is very beautiful emerald
4.Karon Beach

       Karon Beach is famous for travelers seeking comfort. Like the jolly By Karon Beach is the longest beach in Phuket. With white sand and very detailed. Suitable for various activities by the majority of tourists who come here to relax, sunbathe, stroll popular chill relaxed mood. The Karon beach to swim. But at some point, it’s dangerous Note the yellow flag – red before the game. Besides the beach, there are plenty of facilities. The shopping center, shops, entertainment venues located on the right end of the beach roundabout options.You can select for specific with you
5. Kata Noi and Kata Yai Beach

     Kata Noi and Kata Yai Beach are two popular beaches known for its tranquility and beauty. By Kata Noi beach is a small, charming, beautiful, fascinating. White, fine sand from the beach to swim very large, it is not beautiful Kata Noi Beach. By a popular water activities. Both surfing, parasailing, jet skiing, etc. There are also facilities such as accommodation facilities, tour companies, shops, entertainment, and services for visitors.
6.”Phra Phut Ta Ming Mongkol Aeg Nak Ki Ri (Big Buddha Temple)

       Kata Noi Beach statue of Buddha is enshrined, the largest on the island that has it all. The supreme elegance with contemporary art. Skin adorned with marble, jade from Burma. The white marble weighing around 135 tonnes, which ever is priceless Buddha towering majestically on a high. The peaks are very beautiful, really beautiful addition to the area, tourists can also enjoy the beautiful scenery. Inlets of Kata beach.
7.Splash Jungle Water Park

       The biggest water theme park. Was created to be a source of experience for a great vacation. And create fun moments with you and your family. The interior is decorated and designed by the magical beauty of the world. Both sculptures along the Inca, Maya, Asia, Africa, Turkey, Europe, North America and the North Pole together here. The players featured include “Lazy” to make your adventure with white water rafting with a length of 335 meters booming with “Wave Pool” or “Aqua Play Pool” players. surf simulator with it The player is highlighted with. “Boomerang Tango” and “Super Bowl” to give you fun.
8.Phuket Butterfly Garden and Insect World

       A collection Many butterfly species and insect species. Inside is divided into several zones The first zone is a zone of “Insect World” by the origin and evolution with the advent of dinosaurs and humans. Learn about the different types of insects and insect (the leg is not equal to 6 and 8), and learn about the butterflies. Species of butterflies and the median family residence zone is “Butterfly Garden” will find hundreds of butterflies flying around hovers close. On an area of over 1350 square meters and has visited these exotic species such as insects, giant millipedes, giant Madagascar cockroach. Grasshoppers, crickets, scorpions and centipedes phylliidae branches are also zones. “House and breeding silkworms home” to see the life cycle of butterflies, including the zone, “bee”, “Silk Museum” and culminating with the visit shopping zones. “Store and Food” Certification will have fun with the knowledge to back it. Enjoy it
9.”Wat Chalong” or “measured Chaitararam”(Luang Por made cloth turban and Praehiid to arm the rebels fighting to suppress mounting hopes that Chinese Hor Phuket.)

  Priceless ancient temples of Phuket. The statue “Luang Por Cham” or “LDS degrees Provost Professor Wise Hamdan case,” the teacher is the believability of the town. Stories from holiness and virtue of Luang Por Wat Chalong. In reliance to the people in the fight against the Mafia. (The Chinese rebels) and you delivered Praehiid white cloth turban all the villagers to the morale and strength. He had to fight to win gangster. (Then known gangster folklore that “white head”) after the reign of King Rama 5, so please honor the Buddhist monk Luang Por Wat Chalong as provost LDS. Professor Muni relatives Mystics Which is the reverence of the land ever since. Visit the sacred to the prosperity for themselves every day. Ensure universal definitely enjoy my happiness.
10.Kamala Beach

      Kamala Beach is a popular beach next to the south of Surin Beach. There are approximately two kilometers quiet privacy addition, there is a tsunami memorial. A sculpture titled “Universal Mind” which was created to reflect the tidal wave disaster that ever happened to this beach and reflects the Earth’s rotation and adjustment to the balance of nature. In the area north of the beach resort with shops, restaurants and tourist facilities are available. It is best to stay well.
11.Khao Rang Hill in Phuket Town

     Khao Rang located in the northwest. You can drive up to the peak. By driving up the road, “Nelson SIM crush” all the views of the island clearly. The old stone bridge roof Chalong, Rawai, etc. That is the beauty of Phuket, up to 360 degrees ever. And especially in the nightlife here is very romantic, is special. Because they can see the glittering lights of the house were extremely impressed by the beautiful drive up the need for special care. Motor vehicles used for the site will be more convenient. The top scenic spots and parks for exercise and breast stroll chill.
12.Baan Chin Pracha

        A longtime home Chino – Portuguese older than 100 years, which is made up of the island that has it all. The house was the home of the family Tantavanit. The owners have preserved the building, furniture and appliances within the home as well. For a museum that represents the history of Phuket through. Living in Phuket over 100 years ago, the appearance of the house is unique in that it is a two-story house. Door gilded Chinese characters with a wooden window panes. Cool, airy home. Since the middle of the house open for ventilation. It also has a small pond in the middle of the house is no less interesting. Was part of folk tiles from Italy are also extremely beautiful wooden staircase, beautiful. Most furniture is wood inlaid pearl imported from China. There are appliances Kitchenware, antique photos and paintings in many beautiful waiting for you to enjoy. For some who do not dress Phuket formerly called. “The dress Ieahia Baba,” Here they are, try to put it.
13.Ploi Khong Market (Idea & Design Market)

     Flea Market, with splendid atmosphere casual outdoor Limelight Avenue in the heart of Phuket. With space for discharging its ideas. Within the market, there will be vendors set of handmade designer chic fashion lines such as souvenir book of handmade art, chic hats, etc. There is also a variety of food. Local cafes and chill a lot. Along with enjoying the music of youth, amateur and professional, to make delightfully colorful rotating together. Enjoy and have new ideas. For those who think differently And there are parallels
14.Sarasin Bridge

    Sarasin Bridge is a bridge between Phuket and Phang Nga province. The first bridge to be built across from Phuket to Phang Nga. The connection between Ban Tha Chat Chai and Ban Tha Nun’s Phang Nga province. On Highway 402, with a total length of 660 meters, opened on 7 July 2510.
      Sarasin Bridge has a total length of 660 meters to the surface 360 meters long, 300 meters wide and 11-meter concrete bridge is eight meters wide driveway, sidewalks 1.5 meters on each side.
      Sarasin Bridge is well known as the place where the legendary love of two young people who do not Being deprived of adult an unrequited (Dum cae tons) and Kiew (Kanchana cae hor) a different position. With CA’s only Dam driver, taxi and cab rubber. While the skill position better. College students and a teacher The adults in the home of Kiew deprive the relationship. Eventually, the couple decided to jump drown the Sarasin Bridge. With a cloth bundle the two together on 22 February 2516, which was the story of the couple celebrated known far and wide. And the creation of a film and television actress is fond of the Sarasin Bridge.
The current bridge across the Sarasin has already become a point of view instead. Bridge Thepkasattri The Sarasin Bridge, the second bridge to have two cars running side-route traffic. Began building on 30 June 2552 by the Italian company Thailand. Best Web Development Company Limited (the Company), completed and launched on 1 August 2554 by the Sarasin Bridge or Sarasin Bridge was the first bridge to improve pedestrian and improved build a tower. views And one of the famous tourist destination of Phuket.