Tourist attractions Cha-am, Phetchaburi Province.
1 Haad Chao Samran

Stay away from Phetchaburi town 41 kilometers and turn left onto the beach and 2 km away from the city’s beautiful beaches. Once King Naresuan and Phra Ekathosarot been sitting overnight. And favorite Is the source of the name Haad Chao Samran.
2.Cha-am, Phetchaburi Maruekhathaiyawan Palace

         The palace is located in Cha-am, Phetchaburi, Rama VI Camp. North Sand Creek District At km 216 Beach Cha eight kilometers from the palace to mark a sea of King Rama VI’s reign, when the sixth year. Fri. 2466 has been dubbed the royal palace of love and hope.

3.Camel Republic of Cha -am

The combination of a zoo and amusement park in the style of Morocco (similar to the Middle East. The desert camel) visitors will find exotic animals. Parking is convenient
4.Swiss Sheep Farm

Tourism, agriculture, the venue was beautiful. Visitors can experience the atmosphere of the farm-Swiss valley called him her genetic study. To the Asian Highway There is parking in front Buy tickets Cards can be redeemed for tail grass for the sheep. And dwarf horses It has a lot of amenities. Drinks are sold in the farm Officials have suggested the tour of the farm. There are several kiosks along the Country and Western cowboy. A barrel fermentation beer Corn dried Straw rolls round vintage tram Strawberry’s giant shoes and several sheep. A lobbying activities such as archery, horse and sheep fed grass and scrub with a seat for resting tired. Back with stalls selling souvenirs. But the tourists who visit this farm each day hundreds of people.

5. 1,000suk Farm & Foods

This will take them to visit the lovely little farm along Phetkasem Road to the 1,000 Suk  Foods and Farm. Very fortunate that we got to the little ones do not have to push to compete with a good camera with a confederation 1,000 Suk farm European restaurant to enjoy a meal with a coffee shop Amazon to sit back and has a gift shop that edge. affordable Gift The farm is beautiful and to take a leisurely stroll. Nice environment Sheep are pretty tame rubbed took no prude to wait for the grass to get the milk we enter. I invite everyone to take a trip together. Admission 50 baht per ticket can be exchanged for milk fed lamb’s tail, too.
6.Santorini Water Park

Santorini water park or Santorini Water Fantasy (Santorini Water Fantasy) digital water park in Asia. In most advanced countries (the opposite of livestock farms) with the opportunity to experience the cutting edge of digital “Santorini’s Connection” with an extravagant water park. There are 12 series to meet the needs of every family. Children who far from a zone where players are excited plunged from a height of 19 meters.

TOUR HUA HIN : Romantic  Beach Famous in Thailand
1.Hua Hin Railway Station

Located in the district, Prapokklao Tambon Hua Hin Amphoe Hua Hin. The station is one of the premier Southern Railroad. The building architecture has been hailed as a conservation building. The building was originally constructed in 2454, but the building seen today. Built in 2469 by King Pharmaceuticals her brother. Krom wall Ratatouille Yothin Archdiocese. When he served as the commander of Siam Railway, which was raised from the wooden building to use in Siam Rath Museum. Today, Hua Hin is also open to the public and tourists every day. Thailand is a very beautiful architecture. Night is decorated with lamps and bulbs.
2.Hua Hin Beach

Hua Hin is a popular tourist destination. The tourists then do not miss a visit. Hua Hin beach resort from the past to the present is excellent.
Hua Hin beach is whiter than five kilometers clear waters. And rocks scattered on match point. Prasad’s a well know that this is Hua Hin.
I’ll swim Tramp soft sand and warm sun, read a book called do everything. The water sports, diving, swimming, fishing, emotional comfort. Who come here do not miss riding the breeze on the beach. Swimming or Surfing Or take a picture with the horse as a gift. Hua Hin is a paradise for tourists The renown of Thailand.

3.NAVAVANA HuaHin Water Park

Navavana water park with a global concept of “Waterloo Jungle”, the first in Asia.
      The ultimate family entertainment and lifestyle complex, varied. The slider and the fun world class players to choose up to 19 different types.
      It also will experience the splendor of the mountains, the tallest artificial waterfall in Asia, an area of 20 acres with shady trees for smaller varieties of trees, taking more than 200,000 children. Come the weekend very well.

4.Plearnwan Market
        Need to walk back memories of the old atmosphere. The store is still a touch of classic era parents still young. The tavern atmosphere hooligan candy store vintage clothing stores, retro chic. Coffee shop to relax tired etc.
        If one likes to have fun Signup Govt day visit to Milan. My activities are fun to do.
        Those who do not go to sleep at night checked in two nights, he was provided with accommodation.

5.Artist Village

Artist house attraction of people have come to love the art of Hua Hin. A studio and art gallery in the forest area of nine acres on the west side of Hua Hin atmosphere with shady trees, large and small.
      In homes with art teachers and many fun things to do, whether it’s drawing Miley cotton doll house. By teaching simple.
A stucco and cast metal as animals such as lions, Roman warrior women, children and the bison. Top with stores selling works of art with a coffee in front of a car park. Cool atmosphere
6.Luang Pu Tuad Wat Huaymongkol

  Wat Huay Mongkol the big  Luang Pu Tuad statue , one of the world’s largest. Hua Hin must not wish to worship.
      This measure was named abbot of Wat Huay Khot and respect the faith grandfather Wat Chang Hai stories embellishments stepped fresh water. There are a lot of people admiring esteem. Have the great grandfather built the temple. Very large width is 11.5 meters high and 9.9 meters on the size 70 x 70 meters, facing east.
       It is believed that one more round and then pray to head off the danger and have all the luck, too.
7.Hua Hin Sam Phan Nam Floating Market

 Hua Hin Sam Phan Nam Floating Market Floating on an area of over 100 hectares retro atmosphere surrounded by mountains and bodies of water.
With nearly 200 stores open for a delicious savory food such as salad, grilled chicken noodle infinitely carte seafood, traditional coffee ice cream and other desserts Thailand.
       The facade waterfront to sit comfortably. There is also a wide choice of shopping with its chic design. Parking comfortable Bypass road near Pranburi – Hua Hin – Cha Am. contact : huahinsamphannamfloatingmarket
Cicada Market

       Chill the market evening invent itself as a collection of works of arts tourists to walk, shop, work Handmade interesting idea. Sold at roadside It was sold in stores Both clothing Jewelry, gift items for sale.The art zone An outdoor stage Artists of all disciplines, both amateur and professional performances to entertain the audience.
Huahin Hills Vine yard

         This is the first and only vineyard in Hua Hin. Managed by Siam Winery Cherry. In the vineyard, the restaurant has a chic atmosphere. Delicious To sit and chill with a glass of wine.Or fresh-tasting wine Including fresh seedless grapes, who have tasted the flavor is required certainly.
         I like the atmosphere, the excitement will try to walk on the beach. Sit on the back of an elephant Or Jeep overlooking the beautiful vineyards in the green area of over 1000 hectares would need quite a bit better.

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