Seoul Seoul is the capital of South Korea. The city is also one of the most visited throughout the year. Because of the historical attractions, whether it is a beautiful palace. The shopping list available of all types. Entertainment and many interesting sights, we collected 10 hits to win the hearts of most people come to see. In a sense, if Seoul did not come to visit like that has not come to Seoul.

1. Kung Gyeongbok Palace (Gyeongbokgung Palace)Is both a symbol and a popular tourist attraction of Seoul. Palace of the larger and most beautiful of the city. Built in 1395 called the General. Palace North (Northern Palace).
How to travel
1. Subway Station Line 3, Gyeongbokgung Palace Station Exit 5.
2. Subway Station Line 5 Gwanghwamun Station Exit 2.

2. Myeongdong neighborhood or district
, Myeongdong Myeongdong.
Shopping is the most popular and Cak Cak of Seoul. Attracts more than one million people per day are also easily accessible. It is the center of politics, economy and culture ever. The Seoul market full of shops. And countless restaurants
How to travel
1. Metro Line 2 station Euljiro 1-ga Station, exit 6 to 230 meters.
2. Station, Subway Line 4 Myeongdong Station exit 6.

3. New or Seoul Tower, Seoul Tower (N Seoul Tower)
As one of the main attractions of Seoul. Overlooking the city of Seoul and surrounding panoramic tower that is one of the most beautiful views in Asia. It is also celebrated Keyholders Love Key Ceremony with the belief that couples who hold the keys to a lasting love forever. The couple’s names are written on the lock. Then hook the iron railing around the base of the N Seoul Tower itself.
How to travel
[Bus – Namsan Circular Shuttle Bus].
– Bus Namsan Circular Shuttle Bus lines 02.
– Bus Namsan Circular Shuttle Bus lines 03.
– Bus Namsan Circular Shuttle Bus lines 05.

dongdaemun-market4. Market Dongdaemun – Dongdaemun Market.
Dongdaemun Market (Dongdaemun Market) retail fashion market, the largest in Korea. A total of 26 buildings, shopping malls, stores, factories and more than 30,000 stores, over 50,000 of the estimated open from 10:30 to 5 am Closed on Mondays and public holidays.
How to travel
[Subway] station Dongdaemun Station (Line 1 or Line 4) Exit 8 or 9.

bukchon-hanok-village5. Book Chun Han village outside Bukchon Hanok Village.
Another symbol of Seoul and Korea. Being surrounded by palaces The village has more than 100 buildings, traditional Korean form of Korean traditional houses called the Han (hanok), which since ancient Joseon.
How to travel
Subway Station Line 3 Anguk Station Exit 2, walk straight 300 meters to the village character Chun Han.

sinsadong-garosu-gil-road6. shopping street Shinsadong Sinsadong Garosu-gil Road.
Also known as’ artists’ street ‘full of designer brands, fashion boutiques, a coffee shop at the chic décor. In autumn, the leaves of Ginkgo to turn yellow gold is a long way down the road.
How to travel
Take metro line 3 station Shin Osaka (Sinsa Station) Exit 8> and then went on for about 250 meters to the shopping streets Shinsadong left.

road-neighborhood-hongdae7. Road neighborhood Hongdae
The area in front of Hongik University (Hongik University) centers on a young romantic. It also has a cafe, a unique gallery stores selling fashionable clubs and restaurants, art markets, interest among adolescents aged 20-30 years who come to stroll.
How to travel
Metro Line 2 and Line Airport Railroad Station, Hongik University Station.

e-market-street8. E. Market Street Shopping Seoul Itaewon Street.
A shopping list of all the Korean people and tourists. Korea was the first to be declared a tourist attraction. I would like the road of our house. Eat a lot bigger.
How to travel
The train station, so it’s Itaewon Station.

lotte-world-tower9. Lotte World Tower and the Lotte World Mall, Lotte World Tower & Lotte World Mall.
The building is architecturally striking Drawing inspiration from Korean ceramics. And writing brush A building as high as No. 6 in the world (556 meters) with a total of 123 floors and is the premier shopping, lively part of Seoul. Located next to the Tower Filled with luxury shops And a variety of duty-free shops.
How to travel
– Metro Line 2 station, Jamsil Station Exit 1 or 2.
– Metro Line Station 8 Jamsil Station Exit 10 or 11.

canal-cheong-yee10. The Canal Cheong Yee and Cheong Chun Yee’s plaza. Cheonggyecheon Stream & Cheonggye Plaza
The natural beauty amid urban chaos. The perfect symbol of the past and the future. Around the walls on either side of the canal marble. And beautiful sculptures
How to travel
– Metro Line 1 station, City Hall, Jonggak, Jongno 3-ga, Jongno 5-ga, Dongdaemun, Sinseol-dong.
– Metro Line 2 station, City Hall, Euljiro 1-ga, Euljiro 3-ga, Euljiro 4-ga, Sindang, Sangwangsimni.
– Metro lines 1,3 and 5 stations Jongno 3-ga.
– Metro Line 4 station Dongdaemun History & Culture Park.
– Subway Station Line 5 Gwanghwamun.

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