• Bow Bea Market
               Bo Bae market wholesale clothing Bargains
      also commonly referred to as Bo is a place where people in Bangkok and merchants known that. A wholesale clothing Acharya is one of the largest and well. This is the sale of all types. From small to large pieces. In a sense, everything is sold Pestle thousands lean warship ever. Then Bobe Market Occurred during the post-World War 2 began selling crack then sold on the floor. The product range will be a waste of clothing. Later, more vendors. Became known People come to trade more. Including managed care, the better. The shift of sales sold on a sales stall. And is present in commercial buildings
               Bo Bae market located on Krung Kasem Canal openness. During the battle, King Bridge Mahanak market. Bo Bae market, both wholesale and retail formats. For clothes that would be sold wholesale or sell a dozen. The wholesale market outside the Bo Bae market. Will start selling from approximately 02:00 onwards to customers are mainly traders who buy clothing and other goods to sell.
                For stalls and shops in commercial buildings (Bo Bae Tower) of the Bo. Sales will start from 7am onwards are sold here each day. There are many types of goods sold, including shirts, pants, skirts, shoes, pajamas, swimwear, underwear, children’s garments, etc. 
    • Jatujak Market
      Chatuchak Market A flea market in Bangkok There are more than 8,000 vendors and vendors are divided into 27 projects have eight types of vegetables and fruit trees, pet clothes, cooking food, fresh food, and miscellaneous
      projects 1: Antiques and collectibles : Art:Book : Craft
      project 2 : Craft
      project 3 : Plants and garden accessories : Clothing and accessories: Furniture and home furnishin : Food and drink
      project 4 : Plants and garden accessories : Furniture and home furnishings: Food and drink
      project 5 : Second-hand clothes and miscellaneous items
      project 6 : Second-hand clothes and miscellaneous items
      project 7 : Art
      project 8 : Craft:Pets and Pet Supplies:Furniture and home furnishings
      project 9 : Craft:Pets and Pet Supplies
      project 10 :Food and drink : Craft
      project 11 :Craft : Pets and Pet Supplies
      project 12 : Clothing and accessories
      project 13 : Craft : Pets and Pet Supplies:Pottery and ceramics
      project 14 : Clothing and accessories
      project 15 :Craft:Pottery and ceramics
      project 16 :Clothing and accessories
      project 17 : Craft : Pottery and ceramics
      project 18 : Clothing and accessories
      project 19 : Craft : Pottery and ceramics
      project 20 : Clothing and accessories : Craft : Pottery and ceramics
      project 21 : Clothing and accessories
      project 22 : Clothing and accessories
      project 23 : Clothing and accessories
      project 24 : Craft
      project 25 :Craft : Pottery and ceramics : Silk
      project 26 : Food and drink : Antiques and collectibles
      project 27 : Clothing and accessories :Book : Food and drink
      This market is more than 66 years, starting in 2491 in the reign of Chom Phon. Phibulsongkram former prime minister. A policy for the establishment of markets in each province. Sanam Luang in Bangkok was chosen as the venue for the market. But less than a year, the government moved the market. Writing in the Royal National Park and then moved away are located on Sanam Chai. And move the market back to a plaza in the year 2501.
      Later, in 2521 Gen. Kriangsak Ma Nan, the former prime minister. These are used as a recreation plaza. Pageant organizers and Rattanakosin 200 Years Railway of Thailand has given the land Rd. By implementing intelligence by Prof. Waldemar end Lapa former governor. The land on the south side of the weekend. Bangkok, for use in public affairs And Bangkok has to adjust space to traders and street vendors while trying to move out of the plaza with vendors. Until operated successfully since 2525 in the name of the Market Rd. Later renamed “Weekend Market” in accordance with Chatuchak Park area since 2530 to the present.
    • Sanamluang
               Sanam Luang field, formerly known as Meru is dedicated to cremation God. Parliamentarians and 2398, when the reign of King Mongkut. He graciously Change the name of “Meru field” is “the plaza” as described in the announcement. “The vole Wat Maha That. The claim, which has long been one of misfortune. Called the name of that ‘Thung Phra Men’ for the future, since this is not like the fields next to Wat Mahathat was called Sanam Luang. ‘ ”

      Since the reign of King Rama the Great skyline, the Sanam Luang was used as a royal ceremonies such as the royal funeral pyre of the monarch. And royalty And the ceremonies of the reign of King Rama IV, ordered a farm at the plaza. To show the international community that appears. Thailand is full of food. A farm close to the Royal Palace. Thailand and attention to the accumulation of state power supplies as well.
      During the reign of King Rama ordered the operator Royal Ploughing Ceremony. Science and rain over a wall surrounding the area. The tower was built in the principal Buddha image is enshrined at the ceremony. For the ceremony, a ceremonial tent. Tower Productions wind down the tent looked for farming. The Pavilion Theater play for sacrifice. A small pavilion built on the northern wall stamp for reruns of rice fields. The wall also has a granary for the rice from the rice.
      During the reign of King Rama V ordered the expansion of the Sanam Luang And the tabernacle was built in the days before that, because I needed to do. And not use the Sanam Luang as a ceremony such as Bangkok celebrated the 100th year celebrations of the king returned from Europe in 2440, when the reign of King Rama VI. He used the ceremony of a racecourse golf course.
              Currently, the Sanam Luang was important ceremonies such as the Royal Ploughing Ceremony, a celebration Rattanakosin 200 Pee Rd Kan, including the royal funeral pyre master high.
               Including activities such as using a speech in the election campaign at a time. Or political rallies, including the use Event sporting activities such as football or kite and the rest of the general public

    • Khao San Road
      Khaosan Road was built in 2435 the reign of King Rama V. The Public Works Department has respectfully to Khao San road lanes. From Front Street Wat Chana Songkhram (The name of the street war) cut into the east alley of rice, then build a bridge over the canal meets the road and linens Front Royal Building ground. King Street as it was a ” Khaosan road”.
      Khao San Road is the original from the old neighborhood (KIng Rama 6) Rice trade is the largest metropolitan area. Many rice which is transported from the capital Changsha rice. Bridge tower mill Along the canal or tube along the canal is also present along the Chao Phraya River at the Port of Banglumpu. To sell rice to people in various communities. Residents in this area In addition, it also sells charcoal cooking food by one street next to a canal connected to the Chao Phraya River. There are plenty of rice trade Later, as the Khao San Road. After the start-up communities. And widening further Later began to shop more. Like a spinning top toy store Noodle Shop.
      The well-being of this community began to change. When foreign tourists coming into the year 2525, the year of the 200th anniversary celebrations in Bangkok has entered residential rental to explore the capital of Thailand during this important festival. And he has come to Hollywood movie studios. The camera crews were many who lease rentals Guest House, where it is not. You have to rent from a house in which the Pensions. Is the source of the Guest House. Guesthouses of foreigners since the start of the 2528-2529 term began with people coming into the center of the backpackers who visit Thailand. It is the most famous Prior to adjust again in recent years become the nightlife of Bangkok.
      Songkran on Khao San Road

      Khao San road is popular for swimming in the Songkran swarming with tourists from all over the world. The Songkran on Khao San Road began about 2533, because the road is a temporary shelter. Also known as guesthouses. The tradition of Songkran is Thailand’s favorite tourists’ stay in Khao San Road, a lot. The Songkran road in the beginning. But it is just plain water splashing.
      Begin this festival is celebrated during 2542-2543 by the addition of splashing water as normal. It also has a well-organized event. A stage show With sponsorship support. But before the players have to prepare the dough and prepare to play against each other. Water and prepared to play by the self.

    • Yao Wa Rat Market

Yaowarat Road is one street in Bangkok. Distance along the route length of approximately 1 km, and the story has been dubbed the “Dragon Road” is a Chinese community in Thailand, China and a number.

    “Chinatown” is more special than the other markets. This is known as the two market sectors. Both lunch And the night The charm of the second period was the difference. During the day, it is bustling with people aged parents. Carry the older generation Even during major Of Thailand, China It’s even a bustling Chinatown. Since the Mayan people because he was boxing were carrying baskets of shoppers in the market. Both offerings And food throughout the day. Whether it is dry fresh seafood from China, vegetables, fruit, flowers, dried flowers, spices, mushrooms, pork, poultry and all kinds of Chinese medicine is candy or seasonal chestnuts roasted with fresh ginkgo. This is the name of this district. Some had come to Chinatown to eat a meal together quite as dim sum dishes, whether it is a soft bun har gow dumplings.

The charm of his youth in one day. I have raised the matter with the color of red. Color filled with the spirit of the Chinese people. Like love, power, prestige and prosperity. The plain dotted with colorful Chinatown to cut the sky. We will see the light Label clothing stores including many more streets to be dyed red. The need to introduce a special effort to not miss on Yaowarat Road is. A gourmet restaurant that stimulate gastric juices to work. The sticky noodles, dumplings, shrimp, crabs, big fluffy eat pork or pork roast duck dish big shark’s fin or bird’s nest maw paste of rice flour to walk in the alleys during the day will be confined to a pig. It also has a motorcycle driving through a distance. But it does not diminish the look of the product on the market, both sides down. But the walk was a little too careful with the car.

Evening until dusk Time to go home and work of many people. Chinatown is still slumbering. He began to bustle again ready to welcome the night market since five o’clock. To midnight Some shops were closed, it would be a long haul over the four-day strike over yonder comin here. Time evening Chinatown is a virtual meeting point for people to meet each other in a gang. Large groups These vendors have set up shop full side streets of Chinatown. The alleyways other. And in the back This Chinatown became popular of these young people to bike out to get something to eat in the evening with some delicious fun to find him. If one wants to take a bike like this. Try Invite a friend Come and see me cycling The atmosphere breeze Night to another The night will come to Chinatown to eat delicious food. Also watch the lights of the shops. The cut on the black of the sky. This road was lit up beautifully Complete with a night light, but Bangkok’s waste time eating or riding bicycles. Do not look at it like it was right. Watch out for cars as good pig Because of the proximity to each other so horribly.(Thanks for the information

  • Klong Thom Market
  • Mabunklong
  • Pantip Plaza
  • Pratunum
  • Rattanagosin Island
  • Sa Pan Puth
  • Sanamluang 2
  • Siam Center
  • Siam Paragon
  • Ta Phra Jan
  • Ta Tien Market
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