Pattaya is a special administrative region of the province of Chon Buri. A level equivalent Municipality Established by the City Administration Act, 2521, is a tourist town with beaches and seaside, which is internationally renowned. Away from Bangkok about 140 kilometers to the southeast is located on the east coast of the Gulf of Thailand. The division of the city into four parts: North Pattaya, Central Pattaya South Pattaya and Jomtien Beach

       Currently, there are plans to nominate a city as a UNESCO City of Film. As a cinematographer, not less than 300 per year, and about 90 percent of revenue comes from tourism.
Starting known from hearsay when connected to that 2310 first three months of Ayutthaya to the Burmese Phraya Tak (Sin), while it is also Phraya Phet. Deem If Ayutthaya to the Burmese struggle with this very weak. Following the loss to Myanmar in the course. Phraya Phet gathered adherents to the new location. The army has come back strong recovery at night. Phraya Phet began moving troops from Camp Pichai was heading southeast. While retreating fighters, fled the hunt. Myanmar’s military prevail Until now he Chonburi Province Phraya Phet break in front of a large army Intharam today. Then march toward Chanthaburi. During the stay at home Phai district Naklua Banglamung District. Current behind the Pattaya Police Station.
By Royal Letters, Volume 2 issue of the Annals said that while the circular was to control people’s assembly. Troops there I think it makes the game a bargain Phraya Phet then chop up birds Rag bull gun ready. The soldiers who joined the parade after the siege. Straight to the people during his round is extracted. Luckily Acts talks with the fear of going round the disarming of power. Take partisan troops joined forces with King Diamond from the wall Phraya Phet brought the army to stop dwelling on the site of a swamp next time. Tuesday 6th lunar month twenty or RAM.
          The round is led forces bear one led to the district and the rest of the night.      Subsequently, troops arrived. Na Jomtien, Sattahip, bantam and fields, stopping each night of camp. The locals call this the parish Phraya and switched to a new tithe, since it occupies Phraya Tak’s army is located. And a breeze of wind tithe, which is the wind blowing from the southwest to the northeast in the early rainy season. They call this place the village tithe. Later today, the word tithe has written a new Pattaya
         Another important event that is known all over Pattaya. Took place on 29 June 2502 when a large truck of American military vehicles carrying soldiers, about 4-5 cars full of people, about 100 cars each province. Where there is an American military base. Head to Pattaya The prince and the beautiful vacation rental home. The area south of the beach By turns leisure into installments each week by the behavior of American soldiers like this. It became the starting point for touring the city itself. From the quiet seaside village. Suddenly change turns out to be a tourist resort.The village was developed as a tourist destination famous Pattay
            North Pattaya was once a source of community and industry before. This is the main occupation of the people. The saline and fishing It has the atmosphere of ancient remains. ancient houses Being simple as road salt – Pattaya. So far, within a walking distance, which is the beginning of a long road to South Pattaya Beach. Part of this difference in North Pattaya Naklua area of home entertainment, hotels, restaurants, many along the beach road was built. You can also stroll along the sidewalk along the beach road. The Sukhumvit Road, a tourist town in the simulation. And large hospitals are Bangkok Hospital Pattaya As well as to tourists
          Pattaya has attractions such as Tiffany’s Al Marsa cabaret TEDDY BEAR MUSEUM PATATYA for tourists who want to buy fresh seafood and exotic can be purchased at the market Naklua and additionally. Marktplatz salt has also been classified as a historic district as well.
         Pattaya center  the hotel is generally not large, but will find a beer bar. Clothing store GoGo bar and plenty Around Pattaya Beach Road, a police station and offices of Immigration. The Mall
        South Pattaya Beach This band is called Walking Street Pattaya Pedestrian area, this area has many small shops offering clothing store. Sporting goods store Jewelry store And shop for souvenirs There are also many bars and dining. It also has a seafood restaurant Most of which are built jutting into the ocean to the atmosphere in the dining room. Pattaya is more chaotic than other parts of the city streets Att precious symbol of the border, South Pattaya. When walking along a small alley, which will lead to Pratamnak Road, which leads to the back of Pattaya. Pattaya Second Road
        Jomtien Beach, 6 km long beach is separated from the rest of the city with hills in the background of the South. When driving through the hills And the Big Buddha statue, it will come down to the beach is relatively quiet. This beach is a popular place for water sports. Because this area is the fresh air. Which was blowing in from the Gulf of Thailand. The sea and the beach are also. Congestion of vessels at the Pattaya Bay, this beach is also for recreation by the sun. The beach also has a small supply of beer bars, shopping and hotel has a private beach. Bungalow complexes, condominiums and restaurants
 Cartoon Network is America’s Zone water park, water theme park, the world’s first Cartoon Network. Located in Na Jomtien. Opposite Nong Nooch Tropical Garden From South Pattaya, about 15 kilometers in a water feature such as a slider, marine simulation unit surf simulator, including more than 20 players from the famous cartoon of Ben The Power Puff Girls. Adventure Times Johnny Bravo and many others.
Nong Nooch Garden Pattaya is a Biggest Garden from eastasia Nong Nooch have Area about 1,500 Acer compound several Plant and  several Genetic from around the World Nong Nooch will competition Garden around the world and receive Reward from London (Chelsea Garden 2016) and Fun with Songkran Festival every Year

(Thank you for data from wikipedia,Atsiam)

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